A downloadable game for Windows

Note: Made for 1920x1080

Grab your two baby penguins as you embark into the wild to find resources and build a cozy igloo!

Desperate Times is a game about survival and doing anything to thrive. Control a mother penguin and utilize her two baby penguin's surprisingly sturdy forms to stun hostile enemies. Travel around three different levels to collect snow, rocks, and fish to improve your house.

This game was created for the 2019 Frosty Game Jam, hosted by the JDE, following the theme "Cozy Lodgings".

Meet the Team!

Sara Asmussen - Programmer

Gage O'Connor - Programmer

Austin Rieke - Programmer

DeMarco Scarnegie - Character/Menu Artist

Josh Eckhart - Sound Effects

Alex Meade - Snow/Rock/Fish Level Music

Preston Adams - Main Menu Music (Preston's itch.io)


Desperate Measures.zip 24 MB

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